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Learn about the project

This project was created to make it easier for people to get into cryptocurrency. Most fiat exchanges require you to send them photos of your passport, credit card and firstborn son, and they can therefore seem a little intimidating. With this website you can get your first payment in a couple minutes. You probably won't be able to buy a lamborghini with the iota you earn from this website, but you will however get a couple iota to play around with.

Frequently asked questions

How does this work?

You use your webbrowser to mine monero from coinhive. Based on the payout from coinhive this service will then pay you IOTA based on the current value of IOTA and XMR.

But why am i mining monero?

IOTA can't be mined directly as all IOTA that will ever exist was created in the genisis transaction. It is therefore impossible to "mine" IOTA. Other mineable cryptocurrencies require expensive GPU's or even dedicated mining processors to be effective. Monero on the other hand is designed to run effectively on a normal consumer CPU. This means that the effectiveness is drastically increased.

Can you pay me in bitcoin/litecoin/fartcoin?

The reason the service pays you in iota is because there are 0 transaction fees. Your profits are going to get diminished because of transaction fees if you want to get paid in other currencies.

But [other crypto] also offers 0 transaction fees

You are welcome to contact me through the contact page and i will consider adding it in the future.